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Why consulting?

Getting the right advice at the right time guarantees a smooth-running project. My in-depth knowledge of Microsoft .NET and its various concrete applications enables me to assist you in making the right decisions, detecting trouble spots, and eliminating extra work. In a few days I can save you weeks.

Project consulting

Are you managing a Microsoft .NET project but don't have the time or expertise to tackle the technical details? I'll do this for you and provide you with a clear summary of what you need to know about your project.

Assessment: checking your progress

Either at the beginning of your project or while it is ongoing, we'll take a look together at the technology and methodology you are employing. By checking architectural choices, development tools, continuous integration, unit and functional testing, and deployment, this will ensure that you'll have a solid system to get started or continue on.

Technical consulting

Is your project already up and running but you're having difficulties or a technical problem? This is where I can help simplify your team's work and resolve issues.