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You can't become an expert in one day. That's why I've spent years developing my expertise: I've worked with Microsoft .NET since 2000, I'm a computer engineering graduate, I'm certified by Microsoft, and I've worked on various projects in different fields. This means I can quickly get a handle on your project.
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Need flexibility?

I can train your team at the beginning of a project to make them as effective as possible, then provide assistance at key times to check their progress and ensure success.

Because I'm a freelance consultant, I have the flexibility to be there when you need it.

Avoid pitfalls—stick to what you know

Your time is valuable, so why waste it on something an expert can do for you? Microsoft .NET technology can save you a lot of time, but I've seen many teams waste several months because of inexperience with .NET.

I can assist you by guiding your team and helping them avoid mistakes. I can also train your team, so you can reach your goals faster. My expertise will enable you to dedicate your time to your business.